>>Water filling machinery  
    >>  CGF Wash-filling-capping water filling machine
    >>  3-5 Gallon drinking water plant
    >>  Capping machine
>>Carbonated beverage machine 
    >>  DCGF Carbonated beverage filling machine
    >>  CO2 Carbonation Machine
    >>  DCGF Carbonated beverage filling machine
    >>  Beverage Mixer CO2 Mixer
    >>  Carbonated soft drink
>>Juice & Tea Drink Filling Machine 
    >>  RCGF Juice & Tea Drink Filling Machine
    >>  RCGGF juice with grainy 4-in-1 filling machine
    >>  Pulp juice filling machine
>>Glass bottle filling machine  
    >>  BRGF Glass Bottle Filling Machine
    >>  BGY Beer Filling Machine
    >>  Glass Bottle Washing Machine
    >>  Bottle Loading & Unloading Machine
    >>  Bottle washer
>>Viscous Liquid Filling Line 
    >>  Viscous Liquid Filling Machine
    >>  Linear Piston Filler
    >>  Oil Filling Machine
>>Easy Open Can Filling Machine 
    >>  DGFY Pop Can Filling Machine
    >>  Pop Can Filling Machine
    >>  Cup filling machine
>>Water Filtration System 
    >>  RO system 1-20T
    >>  UF system 1-20T
>>Labeling & Packing Equipment 
    >>  Sleeve Labeling Machine
    >>  Steam Shrinking Tunnel
    >>  Steam Generator
    >>  Self-adhesive labeling machine
    >>  Linear Hot Melt Labeling Machine
    >>  Wrap Shrink Packing Machine
    >>  Code Printer
    >>  Auto Shrink Packager
>>Other Beverage Machine 
>>Fitting of Beverage Equipment 
    >>  CIP Cleaning System
    >>  Bottle Soaking Machine
>>Capping Machine 
    >>  Aluminium Cap Sealing Machine
    >>  FXZ Series Capping Machine
    >>  YG-6A Model Automatic Capper
    >>  FBZ Easy Open Can Seaming Machine

Wrap Shrink Packing Machine
   Product detail:
Original materials and import (cylinder control)
Germany SICK photoelectric-control Feed
Touch button control, it is easy for control membrane-length
"Mitsubishi" PLC programmable logic controller control the equipment automatically
Double powerful fan ensure the circulation of air
Powerful cooling system, to make sure shrink and refrigerate the products rapidly
Long heating system can ensure the prefect packaging
"LFPOM" material conveyor belt has good quality
Conveyor belt can be designed according to your requirements
Conveyor belt introduced an advanced transducer, CVT
The height of machine is adjustable + / -50 mm,
Worm reducer can send materials reposefully
Packaging mode: 6 bottles, 9 bottles, 12 bottles, 15 bottles, 18 bottles, 20 bottles, 24 bottles packaging
Plate and No-plate(bottom), both of them is available, and this equipment can process it at the same time.

Technical Parameters:

Maximum size of package

L420×W278×H 390mm

Minimum size of package

L210× W140×H 100mm



Wrappage thickness

0.03-0.15mm (Special requirement is available)

Heating temperature

0-26 0 (Adjustable )

Processing capacity

720 packages

Main heating power



15kw/ hour



Equipment dimension


Working air pressure

0.6-0.8Mpa,Air consume 0. 3 Stere / Min.

G. W.


Widely used in the beverage, food, medical and chemical industrial packaging

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Filling machine | Water filling machine | Juice filling machine | Beverage machine | Packaging machinery | Carbonation filling Machine
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