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Cup filling machine
   Product detail:
cup filling machine | filling machine


SKB series automatic cup forming, filling and sealing machine is applied of water,dairy products etc. it is linear stepped forming-filling -sealing type, suitable for 75-300ml cups capacity, mainly used in the milk , yoghourt, soybean milk, juice, jelly and water ect.  The filling system adopts piston quantificational technology, high filling precision with fast filling speed. The sealing machine adopts rolled film as the sealing material , the machine working effectively and smoothly.

 Origin Of Components

Frequency convertor


PLC Mitsubishi
Touch screen Mitsubishi (13 inch)
Sensor Omron
Temperature controller Omron
Main electric parts Schneider or LG
Pneumatic parts   Air-tech and festo

Main technical data:

Production capacity:

Max.15000 cups/hour

Available sheet thickness 0.8mm
Filling volume: 75-300ML(standard type)
Filling error: 1
Drive motor power: 1.0-2.5kw
Total power: 25kw
Sealing type: constant temperature hot press sealing
Compressed air wastage: 0.7Mpa-1.2 m3/Min
Power: 3N-50Hz 380V/220V
Weight: 2000kg
External dimension: 4300*900*1700 mm

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